The Team

It’s the people you work with that can make or break a project. Work with the best people and you’ll get the best chance of success.

Donal McPartland profile

Donal McPartland

Creative Director

Works with global brands to push the boundaries of what is achievable in the field of Design. Web, Print and Motion Graphics.

Soichi Matsumoto profile

Soichi Matsumoto

Director of Video Art and Installation

Video designer/artist working on concert visuals, brand launches and music promos.

Ben Kinnaird profile

Ben Kinnaird

Online Marketing Coach

Over 16 years working with businesses to develop and run thier online marketing strategy.

Jenny Keep profile

Jenny Keep

Head of Design and Branding

Specialist in architectural access and inclusive design.

Tony Bunyan profile

Tony Bunyan

Head of Illustration

Specialising in packaging design and illustration

Bronagh McPartland profile

Bronagh McPartland

Chief Copywriter

Creative online editor and copywriter.

We are always looking to work with talented people who love working in creative industries but who also get projects delivered on time and without fuss.